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The Huron County Juvenile Intervention Court began in October 2003.  This program was designed to assist those that are suffering from substance abuse dependency and those juveniles that are suffering from mental illness.  The Huron County Juvenile Intervention Court is a collaborative effort, utilizing the efforts of local agencies.  The Huron County Juvenile Court with the assistance of Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services, work together, assisting these juveniles with their specific needs.

This program is designed to service these juveniles within a nine to eighteen month time frame.  This intensive program consists of four phases.  When the juvenile completes all four phases they are successfully graduated from the program.  These juveniles are subject to status hearings that vary from every week to every four weeks depending on the phase of the program that they are in.  The juveniles are intensely supervised outside of court hearings, including weekly meetings with the Intervention Court Coordinator and Case Managers from Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services.  Also, curfew calls, group activities with the children and continuous contact with the parent(s) are maintained.  The parents are involved in the program as well.  They are required to attend parenting groups and attend court hearings.



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