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Revised April 26, 2016

Probate Court’s Mission:

To accurately, impartially, and efficiently create and maintain the records of the Probate Division as defined by the Ohio Revised Code.


Probate Court handles a variety of cases, such as: estates, marriage licenses, guardianships, adoptions, name changes, birth corrections, and birth registrations.


Ohio Revised Code 4705.01 prevents the Probate Court’s Clerks from giving legal advice or from helping you prepare legal papers in a new or pending case in this or any Court.

Marriage License Information

  • If one of the applicants is a resident of Huron County, then the license will be valid anywhere in the State of Ohio.
  • If both applicants are from out-of-state, then the license is valid only in Huron County. (Applicants will need to talk to a probate clerk for further information if they are coming from out-of-state).
  • 18 years of age or older (if under 18 call the Probate Court for requirements)
  • Must present current government photo identification such as a driver’s license or State ID.
  • Must present certified copy of your birth certificate from the local Health Department or the State Vital Records Department of Health.  The Court will not accept certified copies that are laminated; torn; and/or taped together.  Birth Record must be the long form that lists the person’s date of birth, parents’ names and place of birth.
  • If one or both applicant(s) was previously married and divorced, applicant(s) must present a certified copy of their Divorce Decree with the original signature of the Court clerk and the embossed seal of that Court.
  • Marriage License fee is $57.00 CASH ONLY. 
  • Marriage License is valid for 60 days. There is no waiting period to use your license.
  • Both bride and groom must come to the probate office together with all the above documentation.
  • The officiator who will be performing your marriage must be licensed in Ohio.  Please let the Probate Clerk know if the person who will be marrying you is coming from out-of-state.


Obtaining a Certified Copy of a Marriage License

The fee to obtain a certified copy of your license is $3.00.  This can be done in person or by mail.  If you are sending your request by mail, please include;

§  the $3.00 fee

§  both the husband’s name and the wife’s maiden name

§  the date of marriage

§  your full name and a telephone number or email address where you can be reached









Text Box: Genealogy Research
If you are doing genealogy research and are sending in a request please include your full name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, along with the information you are requesting.  You may also e-mail your request to the Court.

Please do not send payment with your request.  We will contact you with the amount due through e-mail or by phone.  





Filing documents by facsimile is prohibited. 

See Rule 43 of Huron County Probate Rules of Court.



Decedent’s Full Administration

1.0         Next of Kin

2.0         Application to Probate Will

2.1        Waiver of Notice of Probate of Will

2.2        Notice of Probate of Will

2.4        Certificate of Service of Probate of Will

3.0        Appointment of Appraiser

4.0        Application for Authority to Administer Estate

4.0A     Fiduciary’s Acceptance of Duty

4.2        Fiduciary’s Bond

6.0        Inventory and Appraisal

6.0w/o  Inventory without Appraisal

6.1        Schedule of Assets

6.2        Waiver of Notice of Hearing on Inventory

6.3        Notice of Hearing on Inventory

8.3        Summary of General Rights of Surviving Spouse

8.6        Waiver of Service to Surviving Spouse of the Citation to Elect

9.C       Application for Transfer of Motor Vehicle

9.C       Application for Transfer of Mobile Home, Recreational Vehicle, etc.

13.0      Fiduciary’s Account

13.1      Receipts and Disbursements

13.8      Application to Extend Administration

13.8A   Status Report

13.9      Certificate of Service of Account to Heirs or Beneficiaries


Reopen Decedent’s Estate

Requirement Sheet



Next of Kin

Report of Distribution


Appoint Commissioner to Open Safe Deposit Box

Requirement Sheet



Next of Kin

Report of Contents

Order Upon Report on Contents of Safe Deposit Box


Pro Se Motions


Motion to Continue



Guardianships Adult Incompetent

17.1      Statement of Expert Evaluation

17.7      Guardian Report

Appendix 7 – Guardian’s Case Plan



Rules of Court Appendices

Appendix 1 – Huron County Probate Court Costs and Deposits

Appendix 3 – Computation of Attorney Fees in Decedent’s Estates

Appendix 4 – Computation of Fiduciary Fees in Decedent’s Estates

Appendix 5 – Computation of Guardianship/Trustee Fees

Appendix 6 – Computation of Attorney Fees in Guardianships & Trusts

Appendix 7 – Guardian’s Case Plan

Appendix 8 – Multi-Guardian Annual Registration Form

Appendix 9 – Submission of Comments or Complaints

Appendix 11 – Compliance with Guardian Education Requirements

Appendix 12 – Notice of/ Application for Change of Address

Appendix 13 – Application to Commence Legal Proceedings for Ward



For more forms go to Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Court Probate Forms




Huron County Probate Court Staff:

     Rebecca L. Bishop, Chief Deputy Clerk

     Stephanie  B. Fulton, Deputy Clerk

     Angela M. Timbs, Deputy Clerk

     Kathy Noftz, Guardianship Investigator

     Lindsey Ingram, Guardianship Investigator

Contact the Huron County Probate Court:

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday

8:00am to 4:30pm

    Huron County Court of Common Pleas

     Probate Division

     2 East Main Street, Room 106

     Norwalk, OH  44857-1596


     Phone: (419) 668-4383                                                     

     Fax:     (419) 663-0944





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